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Mine support mesh
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Mine mesh is a grid placed on the surface of the mine's walls. This mesh ensures the safety of the miners during drilling and it retains the walls against falling rocks.

Mine mesh is also called coal mine supporting mesh, coal mine safety mesh, mining welded steel wire mesh, it’s welded by the high quality low carbon steel wire after cold-draw, its high tensile strength, solid, and the safety coefficient has reached national standards. It is mainly used for coal mine roof, stock cost reduction, saving the material of construction industry.
Mine mesh has solved the problem of manual or machine woven mesh that would be easy to loose or droop when supporting coal roof and surroundings; while the mine support-protecting welded mesh intensity is high. Its advantage includes high strength of the overall and edge, easily installing, and low cost. It has been appointed as the professional coal mine roadway protecting net by the National coal mine safety department and it also become the main high-tech promotion in coal mind industry.

Common specifications below:

 No.  Wire diameter  Mesh space  Main wire  Cross wire  Amount of Longitudinal rebar Amount of Transverse rebar   Weight
   mm  mm  mm  mm  pcs  pcs  kg
 1  5  100  2000  1100  12 21   7.26
 2  5  150  6000  2000  13 41   24.68
 3  6  100  2000  1100  12 21   10.46
 4  6  150  6000  2000  13 41   35.53
 5  8  100  3000  1100  12 31   27.68


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