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Welded reinforcing mesh
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Welded Reinforcing mesh
1. Introduction

The welded reinforcing mesh is a welded mesh that is used for reinforcing concrete, respectively by longitudinal and transverse steel bar spacing must be arranged and mutual at right angles, all with strong resistance pressure are crossing the steel welding together piece. It is also called welded steel fabric.
The Welded Steel Fabric is apply to industry and civil building beam column, ground slabs, roof, wall, concrete pavement and bridge deck pavement, airport runway and tunnel lining, box culvert, dock, floor,  pre-fabrication concrete and other fields.

2. Products varieties

Cold-rolled ribbed steel wire mesh
Cold drawn plain steel wire mesh
Hot-rolled ribbed steel wire mesh

3. Feature

3.1 To advance the quality of engineering
3.2 Improve the function of concrete anti-seismic and crack resistance
3.3 Reduce the amount of steel usage
3.4 High operating efficiency

4. Applications

4.1 The application of welded steel fabric in the highway cement concrete pavement engineering
The smallest diameter and largest spacing of welded steel fabric in reinforced concrete pavement should be consistent with the current industry standard “code for design of highway cement concrete pavement “ JTG old D40 rules.

4.2 The application of welded steel fabric in bridge engineering  

Mainly used in municipal bridge and highway bridge deck pavement, old bridge, bridge pier crack, etc.

4.3 Welded steel fabric in the application of tunnel lining
In sprayed concrete shall be ribbed steel fabric, which is beneficial to improve the shear and bending strength of sprayed concrete, improving concrete cutting resistance and bending capacity, improve the integrity of the shotcrete and reduce spray concrete shrinkage crack, prevent local concrete falling down.

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