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Steel distribution
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Steel distribution

Processing & delivery
   The various types of steel will be made automatically  in according to actual size of building construction in the project. The products will be delivered to the construction site for using on time directly.

Processed products:
Straightening and shearing of rod steel bar
Length shearing of bar reinforcement
Bending forming, steel wire mesh
Mechanical connection of reinforced joint processing
Reinforcing cage, column and other large precast reinforced molding

Economic benefits and social benefits
1. The owner units:
Reducing loss of steel processing and the project cost
Greatly shorten the construction time
Improving the quality of engineering and providing good after-sales service and after-sales reinforced quality guarantee.
2. Construction enterprise
Improving the utilization rate of steel bar and saving resources
Greatly improving the production efficiency
Ensuring the construction site neat and civilization and avoiding the hidden danger of steel in processing
realizing a win-win situation between the construction unit and the owner.


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