Scaffolding welded mesh
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Scaffolding welded mesh
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Construction Scaffolding welded mesh is a steel welded mesh for external scaffolding, it’s also named scaffolding-pedal-mesh, and welded in row with high quality Q195 low carbon steel wire,do surface treatment with antirust paint,the mesh surface flat,  mesh size is wel-distributed, solder joint is firm,  good and stable machining performance in local , anti-corrosion, corrosion protective.This scaffolding-pedal-mesh can be used as a standard component of the construction industry,placing steel welded mesh  on the scaffold directly after  scaffolding set. Solider than board,good fire prevention performance,save the wood,workers labor intensity is small, easy to transship and stored. Also easy to develop facilitate unified standard for outside scaffolding structure.

The cost of  Bamboo mesh panel  is high , flammable, repeated utilization ratio is low in the construction engineering, there are multiple  hidden danger in security;there are many provinces and cities  has issued the mandatory documents,stipulated to the scaffold mesh instead of traditional bamboo mesh panel,scafforlding -steel-mesh cost is low,high security,it can use many times, the external appearance is more beautiful, the steel - padal-mesh will replace the traditional bamboo mesh  in the future market.


Customized specification is available with outrigger provide.


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