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358 Fence
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358 Security fence also known as " Prison Mesh",it is a special fencing panel, upside has protective pointed gill net, fence panel welded  for galvanized steel wire, PVC coated  processing, this production offers the best value for perfermance, durability and appearance. "358" comes from its measurements 3"×0.5"×8 gauge .

This kind of Fence include two specifications:
358 security fence: 76.2mm x 12.7mm (3"x0.5"), Wire diameter: 4mm ( Gauge 8)
3510 security fence: 76.2mm x 12.7mm (3"x0.5"), Wire diameter: 3mm ( Gauge 10)
Fence Panel size: Panel Height : 2500mm-3500mm ,Panel Width 2000mm-2500mm.

358 Security Fence materials: Low carbon steel wire, PVC wire.

PVC coated after welding, or electro galvanized, hot dip galvanized,PVC coated.

Antiseptic treatment:  Galvanized,copper,powder spraying,PVC coating.
Color: Dark green,dark green,yellow,white,blue.

1. Better anti-corossion,aging-resistant, elegant appearance,easy to install
2. Anti-climb, More small openings make it difficult to climb and penetrate.
3. Prevent- cutting Robust wire and welded joints make it impossible to be cut by conventional wire cutters.
4. Better visibility- flat, two-dimensional profile makes it easier to be seen through.

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