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Hebei Taide Steel Processing Company is a comprehensive company which can provide steel design, produce, processing and distribution. The company was established in 12/21/2011, registered capital up to 15 million RMB, area covered over 13.3 hectare, and it located at Industry Park Anping County Hebei, It's only  10 km east to high-speed road from Daqing to Guangzhou, because of the good location, we had an excellent traffic situation .

Our company mainly produce: Reinforcing welded mesh, Coal mine support-protecting net,Construction mesh,cold rolled ribbed steel wire, Stirrup for buildings,the steel trusses,production and dispatch of steel reinforcement cage.We jointed into China Steel Construction Society Reinforcing weled mesh branch association in 2012.

Reinforcing welded mesh is a new product which replace traditional manual binding steel wire and one of the ten new products, new technology which National Ministry of Housing and urban rural development popularized.
This products was mainly used in Industrial workshop, building, road, bridge deck pavement, tunnel, airport and highway fence project and so on, it can save steel bar about 30% than traditional manual binding wire and shorten the construction period about 70%.

We imported MG230 welding mesh machines from Switzerland, which can produce wire diameter Φ20mm+16mm maximinum, For the large diameter welding mesh, expert certification was held in Beijing in 2012 July, the experts agreed that:  the import of equipment and application technology of large diameter welding mesh machines, fill up the blank of large diameter steel welding net domestic production and application,and it will provide necessary protection for key projects related to national Construction needs, and improve the construction speed, to further promote the popularization and application of the steel bar welded net.

Now Taide company have 5 sets Reinforcing mesh machines, wire diamater: 4mm-20mm, width: 700mm-3300mm, daily output: 200tons.
We have two production lines of cold rolled ribbed steel wire, and the production line CN-886  which imported from Taiwan can produce more than 2000tons per month.

Taide commitment to promote the use of reinforcing welding net in home and abroad, to achieve Chinese reinforced welded mesh commercialization. With advanced welding mesh equipment, professional technology research and development team, focus on reinforcing welded mesh processing and distribution network determination, will promote the development of China reinforcing welding mesh industry.

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